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fire escape certification in new jersey

Fire Escape Certification Specialists in NJ, NY, PA, and Washington D.C

Maximum Fire Escape is a highly skilled fire escape company specializing in all areas of fire escape certification, fire escape repair, fire escape installation, fire escape load testing and more in NJ.

Fire Escape Certification in NJ and Load Test in NJ, NY, PA, and Washington D.C

Get your fire escape certification in NJ! Maximum Fire Escapes is an expert fire escape certification company that offers fire escape certification and load tests throughout all of New Jersey. Fire Escape Codes state that fire escapes must be evaluated, certified and/or load tested every 5 years. Give us a call today at 1-844-629-3473 to get your fire escape certified in New Jersey.

Fire Escape Code 2012 IFC 1104.16.5.1 states that fire escape stairs must be examined every 5 years, by a design professional or other acceptable professional and inspection report must be submitted to the fire code official. Fire Escape Code IBC 1001.3.3 states that all fire escapes shall be examined and/or tested and certified every five years by a design professional or other acceptable professional who will then submit an affidavit to a city official. Load Test and Fire Escape Certification can only be done by a professional.

Call us at 1-844-629-3473 to certify your fire escape in NJ

Get your Fire Escape Certification throughout all of New Jersey including but not limited to: Atlantic City, North Jersey, Central New Jersey, South Jersey, Jersey City, Union City, North Bergen, Bogota, Patterson, Fort Lee, Hudson County. We also service nationwide including all of Philadelphia (Philly), Center City PA, Germantown PA, New York State including New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island), and Washington DC.

Fire Escape Inspection in NJ

During a fire escape inspection we check all main supports in order to make sure that your fire escape certification is successful. We check for the following:

  • Truss to wall connections
  • Platform to truss connections
  • Handrail connections
  • Tread clip connections
  • Tread connection
  • Stringer clip connection
  • Platform corners
  • We also check ladder support brackets, pulleys and cables