Where to get Fire Escape Certification in New Jersey?

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Where to get Fire Escape Certification in New Jersey?

Fire escape certificationIf you need a fire escape certification, you have come to the right place! We are a highly skilled company specializing in all types of fire escape repairs and installations. We do the best repairs on fire escapes so that they last for decades. We specialize in fire escape replacement, fire escape certification, and fire escape repair. We provide 25 year structural warranty’s for all fire escapes that we rebuild or repair. We also provide our customers with a 5 year maintenance program so that your system stays in excellent condition in a structural way as well as visual way.

Where to get a Fire Escape Certification in New Jersey?

Call 1-844-MAX-FIRE and we will tell you how to get fire escape certification. Our fire escape construction experts will assist you in installing and designing a new fire escape system from beginning to end for you. We build all of our own fire escapes under the direct supervision of our engineering department. We can handle the design process from initial drawings all the way to permits and sub-code officials.

Where to get fire escape certification

Where to get fire escape certification in nj? Our services for fire escape certification include residential, commercial, fire escape fabrication, repairs, industrial fire escape mezzanine, catwalk, fire escape scrape and paint, fire escape demolition, fire escape design, and engineering.

Where to Certify fire escape in NJ

We have a very unique system which automatically updates all of our customers as to their certificate expiration status for certify fire escape in nj. Please call us and ask an associate for more details. We update our customers when their certificates are about to expire. In addition, we specialize in a five year maintenance program that assures you your system remains in tip-top condition from a structural standpoint as well as a visual one.