Fire Escape Certification NJ

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Fire Escape Certification NJ

Fire Escape Certification NJMaximum Fire Escapes is the best company to get your fire escape certification nj. Our specialties are repairs and fire escape services. It is important to have routine repairs done to make your sure your fire escape remains functional. By having your fire escape serviced yearly it can last more then 20 years and help save lives incase of an emergency. Before we begin any painting, we take off all the old/loose paint and prime the metal. We certify your fire escapes properly to ensure your safety incase you need to use it in case of an emergency. We are an affordable company that knows what they are doing. Every 5 years you need to have your fire escapes evaluated, certified, and load tested according to the fire escape code.

Certify Fire Escape NJ

It is important to get your certify fire escape nj and to stay up to date and current. Incase of a fire you need to have a well working fire escape which is certified and load tested to make sure it can be used. When we do an inspection we make sure all of the main supports are working properly such as the truss to wall connections, platform to truss connections, handrail connections, tread clip connections, tread connection, stringer clip connection, platform corners, and lastly we also check the ladder support brackets, pulleys and cables.

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